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The coursework will emphasize the application of scene study and rehearsal skills in the preparation and performance of scenes and monologues from contemporary and classical plays. It will introduce traditional and contemporary techniques of movement and provide exercises to improve posture, muscular strength, coordination, flexibility, musicality, dramatic movement ability and stamina. This course will provide a comprehensive study of the intrinsic challenges, both technical and artistic, of film acting.

The class will offer theoretical analysis and practical experience concerning the differences between film and stage acting techniques, and will focus on producing the non-theatrical work required for film.

Students will develop their craft through extensive time in front of the camera, resulting in a taped scene of their final work.

This class is designed to prepare the actor in the different audition techniques for stage and film and to provide insight concerning the challenges of a career in the theatre, television and film.

Students will receive training in how to do effective cold readings, improvisation and monologue auditions, along with choosing appropriate audition materials. The course will provide information concerning headshots, resumes, interviews, casting directors, talent agents, unions and other topics necessary for getting work in the business of acting.

The course will study the elements and structure of improvisation in performance. The student will participate in the organization and dramatization of both individual and group scenarios.

Emphasis will be on the presentation of self in solo and group impromptu theatrical situations. This course is an introduction to the equipment, materials, and techniques used in theatre production and design. Students will be exposed to costume design, set design, behind the scenes, stage rigging, prop building, stage organization, lighting and sound technology used in contemporary theatre, and will have an opportunity to apply those skills learned.

This course provides novices and experienced actors or technicians with the opportunity to learn while participating in their chosen area of theatrical endeavor. Among the areas available for up to six units credit include acting, set construction, lighting, box office management, stage management, costuming, and design. How difficult was the interview at Oakland Community College? Did you get an offer?

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THE Introduction to Theatre 3 this course will help the student identify strengths and weaknesses in his/her vocal production and provide tools that may be used to strengthen and improve breathing, phonation, resonance, articulation, pronunciation, phrasing and projection. The course will provide information concerning headshots. You must register with CCN to use our services. Once registered, you may: Search for jobs posted exclusively to Oakland Community College; search the Jobs Central ® national job board and the Intern Central ® national internship board.; Build a résumé with Résumé Builder, or upload a résumé file to Resume Central ® so you can apply directly to jobs and/or allow it to be searched by.