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Executive Resume Example

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❶In this capacity, you will act as the figurehead and leader for all internal operations and are the public face of the company. There is another benefit to this format style:

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So what about your first impression as a professional? That is where the right resume comes in; you need to make the right impact on your readers to move your career to the next level.

You have worked hard to get to where you are now, as an Executive your strategic work methods, excellent communication skills, and effective planning have helped you to raise to the point you are at in your career today. You deserve to have a resume that shows your work ethic, ability to turn out results, and strong leadership skills in one concise and well thought out document. Craft Resumes can help you come up with a specified document that will get you noticed. As an executive your resume could potentially be read by the most senior professionals and board members in your ideal organization.

Using numbers and metrics makes your resume much more appealing and interesting to read, make sure you are keeping track of this information as you progress through your career. Your resume or CV should answer questions such as: What can you do for me? How can you improve our organization? And How innovative can you be to move our employees and company forward?

For seasoned professionals, a combinational resume is a great format to use. You can choose different skill sets that you want to show 3 to 4 should do and give 3 to 5 points for each skill set to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities in relation to what you think the employer should know. This shows how you performed which paints a story of your capabilities. Add an Areas of Knowledge Section — This is an excellent way to make your resume easy to read and give direct information about what you thrive in.

It is also a great use of keywords. Select between 9 to 12 areas you are an expert in and create an Areas of Knowledge section. Be focused on your goal and avoid being too general — Being too general on a resume is a good way to kill your chances of getting an interview, even before you have sent a resume.

This is an extremely important aspect to focus on, for example, when an employer is looking for a new Marketing Executive in the Telecommunications industry, you want to tell them your experience in both Telecom and Marketing. It is best to make a list of your knowledge in regards to what the employer is looking for using the STAR method mentioned earlier.

Employers are looking for you to answer how you can solve their problems, and they need a professional who is able to provide a solution.

That is what the resume should focus on. Lisa Rangel and the Team over at Chameleon did a great job updating my resume, coaching me on my interview skills, and educating me on modern job search techniques. That being said, Lisa makes herself available should you ever want to reach out to her directly.

Lisa did a fantastic job with my resume. She was very thorough and detailed. She asked me tough questions that really made me think. After I received the first draft, I was amazed. My resume never looked so good. The best part was I landed a new job in just a couple of months! Your professional experience section is the heart of your resume, so be sure to pay close attention to making this section informative and compelling.

At this point, the candidate has done a great job of building interest. Now hiring managers will want to know more about this person — next, she has to complete the sale. Action verbs are the building blocks of your work experience and are helpful in transforming your executive resume into a powerful document. A massive list of action verbs can be found here. Implement, identified, and discovered are great action words. The candidate uses an appropriate action verb that allows the hiring manager to know exactly how the candidate approaches a problem and solve its challenges.

Whenever possible add data to your bullet points. Just as important, you will need to make your quantified information match the requirements and scope of your targeted job.

CIOs need to include technical skills in their resumes. They undoubtedly know more skills than listed, but they have strategically chosen to keep the section targeted, informative, and to the point.

Proven leadership experience ranging from evaluating technology to discovered niche products for bootstrapped and venture-backed startups.

Highly data-driven, committed to designing coherent enterprise platforms with a wide range of technical domain expertise and business acumen. Entrepreneur and founder of successful technology startup showcasing ability to drive change through consensus within an organization. Oversee all product development for venture-backed startup focused on delivering modern virtual reality headsets, mapping, and simulation products.

Responsible for strategy development, solution design, production execution, software integration and client relations for technology firm offering revolutionary self-editing video technology.

Technical Architect for cost cutting online videography tool with over 2 million users. Enabled AdNext to drive innovation, development, and management of voice, video, data products. Defined strategic direction and tactical oversight for operations and sales management, as well as product development and management.

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions. Office and Productivity Applications. You are a technology pioneer responsible for ensuring a company is making great products for their customers. You are the driver behind the commercialization of technology. You develop coherent platforms backed up with useful features on a variety of digital channels. Your importance in companies is rising due to the fact that users are demanding increasingly sophisticated products.

You are business intuitive and contribute cost-effective solutions to your creative architectures. As a first impression, the test goes a long way in making or breaking your candidacy. So which factors help you pass this challenge and invite a hiring manager to read your resume?

A core competency section is a key foundation in helping you pass this test. A hiring manager will able to quickly ascertain what skills the candidate brings to the table — provided those skills are targeted for the job. Fill your resume with pertinent, quality data to give the hiring manager a look into the scope of your previous roles. Another effective way to discuss achievements is through factual anecdotes sometimes not every accomplishment can be expressed via numbers. Look at the way the candidate discussed this achievement,.

You need to place emphasis on your achievements in your resume to get results on the job market. For example, this sample includes their key achievements before their key duties.

By doing so, the candidate immediately asserts their results-driven work style, rather than duty-bound work style.

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