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❶How do I make videos with MP3 sound work with Anvil? In other words, the land-generated feedbacks to the atmosphere have usually not been considered.


Writer, editor, ghostwriter, personal historian
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Those aluminum cups that we always pulled out for outdoor picnics The mixing bowls in the kitchen, the colored blocks we stacked as toddlers, the funnies from the Detroit Free Press. The other was a victim. How their grandsons now create art together. He was the son of Russian Jewish musicians who fled persecution during the Bolshevik Revolution, then moved around the world as Adolf Hitler began his rise — from Germany to France and, in , to Japan, where Shapiro was born.

Young speaks with Shapiro about his life and experiences during the war. Memoirs used to be the territory of the famous, the intrepid, or the afflicted. Narrating, Navigating Adversity , about how we change our stories as life changes us. The tales we tell hold powerful sway over our memories, behaviors and even identities, according to research from the burgeoning field of narrative psychology.

Do check out these photos, and read about the project: Then one man got him talking. David Montero, Los Angeles Times, Sometimes memories are so painful that it takes patience and time to get the storyteller to let them unfold. Can someone provide publishing details? A trove of s report cards and the stories they tell Paul Lukas, Slate, a series that starts and continues in July How I found the report cards, and how they changed my life.

Searching for Marie Garaventa 3. Lucille Fasanalla saved the romper she made as a student at Manhattan Trade her whole life. Making stuffed animals for John and Caroline Kennedy.

Rose Vrana is She went to trade school in the s. I found her report card. Then I found her 7. The saddest story in the report cards I found—and how it came to have a happy ending. Cook, Philadelphia Inquirer, philly. The result is a moving portrait of him. That is how I get through things. Roode, Modern Heirloom Books, We all take pictures of the milestones, big and little: But what of the everyday moments? The in-between that, really, is the essence of our lives? Louis Post-Dispatch, May Then the whole episode became an exhibit.

A New York Times investigation uncovers some of their stories and the failings of the system that put them there. She finds typing to be easier than holding a pen to write, but still saw her blog as private diary. How reminiscing and remembering the past helps seniors. Bohanek for Journal of Family Life Children benefit from knowing about their relatives. Parents, Not Snapshots, Are the Way for Kids to Capture and Benefit From Memories" "Early memories have a higher likelihood of surviving when children are encouraged to talk about them soon after the event.

Leiken, for her mother to answer each week. It then emails the questions to Ms. Mills, and when she replies, her answers go to her family and are stored on a website where they can read them privately. It is one of a handful of new companies focused on enabling people to collect their family histories. He died at age 56 some 40 years ago, but the sculptures still live.

Their Significance for Scholars by Jane F. Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. State folklorist Claude Stephenson trimmed oral portraits down to words timed at 1. Very helpful for beginning personal historians and their clients.

See how she reacts. My Life Films combine music, photos, clips and interviews to celebrate the lives of those with dementia — and help carers build better patient relationships. This might explain why when one member of an older couple experiences a drop in cognitive function, the other soon follows. Our memory systems are more of a shared resource than we realise. They can barely remember their pre-hospital lives and find it hard to imagine what might happen next.

On a good day, storycare helps them to reclaim their sense of wonder and suspense--and, surprisingly, laughter--even in the midst of their suffering.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions. I am mentioned in this piece, and colleagues Cheryl Svensson and Bill Erwin are quoted at length. They fell in love. But as Newton-Small leafed through the lengthy form, she had a hunch that it was not the best approach.

The experience was so powerful that Newton-Small began compiling stories for others, first as a favour to friends and then as a start-up business that provides memory care facilities with online profiles Her vision was to create a personal oral history of each of the 10 elders, capturing their reflections on the past and the changes they had seen in their lives.

All were deported upon arrival in New York. For families and family advisors, we must at least attempt to address these story objects to avoid contentious issues later and perhaps build a more positive outcome for our families. And in doing so, we give these objects new purpose, and we give our family a shared story.

Story about the lovely book Terminal Island: Translating from speech to prose. Should also be read by all transcribers and personal historians. It may not have started out as my story, but when I chose to bring it into my life, it became part of it.

We all write our own history, and our stuff is often the only thing left to tell that story. On other topics, watch her after a short ad talk about What Others Will Think.

Click on subheads and see what she says about Structure, Direction, and Details--all previews for her book, Thinking About Memoir. Stop tweeting, texting and multitasking for a minute. Instead, tell your story. Michael McQueen, Ode magazine , October I was struck by the things that were important to him but had gone unspoken, and by how much we had in common His mother was from Ireland but in his Italian family Ireland got short shrift.

Finally, he went there. Friedman NY Times, About the accuracy of nostalgia and how the brain records memories. More than have now been collected. Each year a prize is offered with the promise of publication, to persuade diarists to entrust their writing to the archive. Margot Friedlander hid for 13 months before being discovered in April and sent to Theresienstadt Concentration Camp in what is now the Czech Republic. I had all these stories in my head. Everything started coming back to me, many things that I pushed aside for years.

The group "focuses on the day-to-day lives and experiences of women and encourages them to write stories ranging from difficult subjects such as rape, abuse and terminal illness to the seemingly mundane and hilarious. Now comes the task of making amends. Passing it along to family members is probably the greatest thing you can do in your life.

Offers no-cost seminars and workshops for members of the armed forces, active and reserve, who want to learn about writing in order to tell their stories.

Written by a veteran for veterans, it details the elements of craft involved in writing both fiction and non-fiction. On Wrote by Rote.

Semmes, Greenwich Citizen, What would you have done with such a discovery? Listen to 40 stories on Cowbird. Olive Lowe, Life Stories by Liv, "It is not what we experience, but the way we experience it, that makes our stories unique First and foremost, the goal of writing should be selfish—it is a therapeutic process, helping you reflect on, make sense of, and even find closure to events in your life.

Secondly, good stories deserve to be told, not necessarily on a loudspeaker broadcast to the entire world, but in meaningful ways to those close to you. Quite a Bit, Research Shows John Tierney, NY Times, Nostalgia, long considered a disorder, is now recognized to counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety — making life seem more meaningful and death less frightening.

Tell stories about the memories those photos represent. Newman, Greater Good, If your life were a movie, where would the plot be headed right now? Newman discusses three common life themes: We have to find our own ways to tell them. Similarly, see her previous book: Thoughts from a Queen-Sized Bed about what it means to be married for almost forty years. Green, already adept at distilling, took Jack Daniel under his wing and, after the Civil War and the end of slavery, went to work for him in his fledgling whiskey operation.

See examples on her website. Part 1 by Mary Patricia Voell Legacies, A Partial List Legacies, Practical tips for sharing the "release" of catch and release. Are they yours to tell? By the third week of writing together, the girls -- mostly abandoned by their mothers who favored drugs or abusive boyfriends instead of their daughters -- were sitting in the laps of the older women, reading their new poems aloud.

What is the engine that keeps you up late at night or gets you going in the morning? Where is your happy place? What stands between you and your ultimate dream? One researcher believes that writing down the answers can be decisive for students. The concept is based on the idea that we all have a personal narrative that shapes our view of the world and ourselves. Some researchers believe that by writing and then editing our own stories, we can change our perceptions of ourselves and identify obstacles that stand in the way of better health Buster might actually remember some of the moments depicted in this film; some he might remember because of this film.

I will remember them all, having now engraved them in memory with crayon, paint and pencil. I expect all kids in the family to be responsible for it. After making two documentaries about families, Alan Berliner decided to make a film about his father and their family tree. Did that make his father happy? And yet when my dad died in — same thing While capturing sound is now so easy, make sure you record the voices you will want to hear again.

The sound alone will say everything someday. The Pop-Up Radio Archive, will support long-term online archiving of multimedia materials; a sensible, accessible, standardized system of organization, labeling, and tagging the metadata system ; and optional online publishing to make the resources available to the world. With notebooks, tape recorders, and video cameras, families are coaxing a lifetime of memories from beloved relatives.

No longer active but you can listen to stories from the archives. See its list of focused initiatives , such as the National Teachers Initiative , the StoryCorps Griot preserving the voices, experiences, and life stories of African Americans , and the Memory Loss Initiative.

Storycorps recording equipment is available for interviews done at home see Rent a Storykit , but there is a waiting list. The latest luxury for the fraction of the 1 percent who can afford their own planes, art collections and multiple homes is a personal keepsake that provides a lasting impression of those homes — one that requires putting down a serious amount of money. Marc, editor of Telling Lives: Marc, who is profiled here , has spent his career curating and creating intimate portraits of the lives of others.

Everyone, in their lives, is waiting for someone to ask them questions, so they can be truthful, he says, in explaining the blunt question he asked one famous person. Grimm polled colleagues about the best way to take notes during interviews and shares their advice. Top 10 Oddball Interview Questions for Glassdoor. Some of these may be useful in interviews geared to life stories.

For those of us who want a life story to be a narrative, with a narrative arc of its own, and with lots of smaller stories within that framework, open-ended questions may be more helpful than fact-finding questions which you can fill in with later.

Questions for which there is only one answer, especially "yes" or "no," are not going to encourage the person interviewed to open up. What you want is something that will open the floodgates for storytelling, and, when you become more skilled, that can open targeted floodgates, so what you end up with is more coherent from the start.

It can be organized later. What you want is to get the stories and information flowing in ways that mean something to the storytellers, and that capture their ways of expressing themselves, their voice, their style, their take on the world. Below these links to questions are links to articles about how to interview successfully. You can download two PDF files: Give one piece of advice. Questions to ask at the dinner table. See also his outstanding book: What Should I Ask?

Major Life Events Susan A. Great advice from popular broadcasters about questioning strangers. Some interviewers offer tips and tricks on their craft, excerpted from articles at Transom and elsewhere. When did you kill you wife? Includes a script of suggested questions. Excellent questions listed by categories: Duckles Thought-provoking social science type questions. Check out the questions to fill in the gaps in your family history. Read how they do it -- how she gave them confidence with digital equipment and with talking to the public at events and on radio.

Help elders bring history to life! See also Lessons Learned: Handling Emotional Interviews, Part 2. This is for journalists, but some of the principles apply in personal history interviewing. Daniel Jones, Modern Love, NY Times, , drawn from a study by psychologist Arthur Aron and others that "explores whether intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other a specific series of personal questions.

The 36 questions in the study are broken up into three sets, with each set intended to be more probing than the previous one. An Answer to Their Prayers? Books on interviewing those geared to journalists can also be helpful for personal history interviewers: Story and the Human Experience. Herzig [Back to Top]. Getting to Know You: These are not in alphabetical order but mixed up to provide a variety of viewing experiences, with some of my favorites toward the top.

Try to see the movie without knowing what the secrets are, beforehand. Listen to Polley on Fresh Air: When you do video captions,or subtitles for close-captioned videos, be sure that they are concise, appear on a contrasting background, and are large enough to be easily legible.

Let them linger long enough to be easily read. Advice from a pro. Social Documentary Network visual stories exploring global themes--investigating critical issues facing our world today Time Team Special 28 - Buried by the Blitz Shoreditch, London Video of an archaeological dig captures the stories of residents who lived near the area destroyed by the WWII blitz and survived it, to tell their tales Time Team Special 52 - Rediscovering Ancient Britain More Time Team specials Wikipedia links Hollywood life lessons Marie Rowe, TEDXLeamingtonSpa, One second every day Videomaker Cesar Kuriyama shoots one second of video every day of his life, and edits them together into a montage that prompts him to think how he approaches each day.

Capturing memories in video art Gabriel Barcia-Colombo. Using video mapping and projection, artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo captures and shares his memories and friendships.

At TED Fellow Talks, he shows his charming, thoughtful work -- which appears to preserve the people in his life in jars, suitcases, blenders Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper.

After the writer and theologian John Hull became completely blind in , he kept an audio diary of his experience. This film is a dramatization using those recordings. Street Photography Capturing the Essence of Childhood. In this short, powerful talk, the TED Fellow shares a deeply personal glimpse of an often-unseen world.

The subjects of the documentary series were 7 years old when it began; in the latest installment, 56 Up, they are well into middle age. The original idea behind the series was to examine the realities of the British class system at a time when the culture was experiencing extraordinary upheaval.

Available from third-party sellers on Amazon: Using photos, audio, and background music, the Breakstones created a slideshow with sound that really tugs at the heart. Better Said Than Done blog family storytelling videos. Documenting our American family heritage, one family at a time, and inspiring viewers to capture their own family stories - before those voices are gone.

Seeking families to add to the tapestry. Humans of New York a photoblog and book featuring street portraits and interviews collected in New York City. In this award-winning documentary, children in a fourth-grade class in a primary school in Kanazawa, northwest of Tokyo, learn lessons about compassion from their homeroom teacher, Toshiro Kanamori. He instructs each to write their true inner feelings happiness, irritation, gratitude, etc. By sharing their lives, the children begin to realize the importance of caring for each other.

Great idea, and a chance to see a teaching genius in action. Watch this moving sample part 1 of 5, here. And then part 2 , part 3 , part 4 , and part 5. Grandparents send awesome and awkward wedding toast this video gets franker and funnier toward the end, on Awkward Family Photos Point of Pride: On the same topic, eleven-part series by journalism students , chronicling the legacy of pollution left by industry.

Traces the life of Rosalie Wahl from her humble beginnings in a one-room schoolhouse in rural Kansas to her groundbreaking appointment to the Minnesota Supreme Court and explores the evolution of her social consciousness. This is a perfect model of a great personal history video. See how the picture of his friend and caregiver is shown when he is talking about her--beautifully done,and illustrations from his works become the piece of his life that they were.

In this gem of a documentary, an Israeli filmmaker gently dismantles the past, revealing a hidden link to layers and layers of heretofore unknown family history.

Scroll down to watch the trailer. The Father Michael Lapsley Story inspiring YouTube video doc about the Anglican priest and social justice activist in Capetown, South Africa, who discovered the power of story to heal emotional wounds. He wrote about this in Redeeming the Past: Creating a video biography for your family or a client? You may commission a score or you may want to use "buy-out" music: An example of not-royalty-free music: Frank Sinatra singing "My Way. Read Why use royalty-free music?

Here are sites some personal historians in video use with thanks to members of the Association of Personal Historians for the recommendations: Jason explains the difference between public domain, royalty free, and Creative Commons music and types of Creative Commons licenses; understanding whether your work is commercial or noncommercial; how to give proper attribution for music; and lists 31 amazing sites with free Creative Commons music.

Can I use any song with a CC license on it? See pricing for SonicFire Pro 6 , used by one of my favorite documentary makers. Finding vintage music from a particular year or place The Web is wonderful for tracking down music from a certain place or period, and often you can listen to the music. Here are some good sites and CDs for finding vintage music play it as background music as you write your memoirs or scan old photos for that photohistory.

You must verify that you have the right to reproduce sounds or images you find on the Web. Read the section on File Formats--Compression, to learn how in compressing a file you somewhat damage it, which is why professional photographers prefer TIFF files to JPEG files which are more compressed, and lose some of the image quality in the process.

Image quality is more than a number Epson, PDF. For printing purposes, to reproduce a photo in 1: If your image does not have enough pixels at the printing size you are trying to enlarge it to, the image will be blocky and pixilated instead of smooth.

You can use this simple formula for determining enlargement pixels needed: Given that the average 35mm image area is 0. Prepare your pictures so they provide comfort—not a burden—to your children: For one thing, technologies keep changing, so the content stored has to be "migrated" to new technologies. Whatever you do, save the original document or photo in its paper form. Storing love letters, photographs and other important papers "So remember: No tape it sticks.

No paper clips or staples they can rust. And absolutely no plastic bins that can fill up with water. First in a series. Good lists of specialist organizations. Conservators-Converse , plus many other resources. Use them to find a conservator to help repair or restore old letters, etc. The best media and methods for archiving your data Jon L. If you want your data to survive the decades, you need to use the right tools. Nobody knows how to portray archivists and librarians on-screen.

Photo albums, home movies, handwritten letters, an unused old computer with important family documents still stored on it: We explore high and low tech ways to protect and store family memorabilia, and the smartest way to migrate different materials to digital formats. Joseph Berger NYTimes on how a year-old non-techie Hasidic Jew who runs a record shop in Brooklyn, with advice from some experts, used advanced audio restoration programs on a regular computer to get rid of the crackles and hisses in old recordings of a "Jewish Caruso," a "Cantor for the Ages.

Learn about the distinguishing characteristics of various print processes. The stock offers over a century of dye stability when stored in recommended environments Burge, Picture Framing Magazine, The PAT is "currently the only method available for predicting reactions photographic activity between display materials and photographs over the long term.

Watch Maureen solve cases on Photo Detective. Sign up for her free e-mail newsletter, The Photo Detective with tips and articles. Caring for Your Heritage Clarke Historical Library in Michigan on how to care for, copy, and store letters, diaries, books, and other paper items; photographs; VCR tape, etc. An Overview of the Archives Profession. Digitizing media Digital technology is great for sharing, but not for preservation.

See also information on film preservation and various tips on transfering film, caring for originals, find a film transfer facility. One colleague uses their binder slip case sets to organize documents. Springfield, VA http: See the New York State Archives for a fuller list with addresses of these and other vendors of archival supplies. Some also use Bindertek , especially for binders. Always save the original element. See also, Part 2. Family history research gets a little overhyped on this celebrity-focused show originally on NBC, now The Learning Channel but it does make people think about their heritage.

Listen to delightful archived interviews and talks. But some new tools could help. Could well apply to family stories, too: Each month group members study one or two chapters of Professional Genealogy: See also FAQ and lesson samples.

A Guide to Genealogy hat tip to Bailey; includes links to excellent resources. Listen and watch, for example, to: A Search for Ancestors , talks about how a search for family, a genealogy hunt that becomes addictive and compulsive, can be turned into a compelling narrative.

On the very strong advantages of a desktop program over a website. Stratton and Henry B. Leslie Wittman created this family tree chart with photographs using Microsoft Publisher.

On her home page she shows the chart animated with narration running beneath. See also Parallel and cross cousins explained and Cousin calculator. Kind of hard to trust this stuff since Ancestry. Here are links to a few discussions and reviews: Our expert guide InsideHistory. The membership activities have ended, but there are important links here to archives of genealogy resources in various U.

Megadirectory to genealogy and family history records, well worth exploring. New tools and expansive digital archives, including many with images of original documents, are helping genealogy newbies do research.

Military service records, immigration records, naturalization records, passport applications, land records, bankruptcy records. Between these years about twenty thousand English men, women, and children crossed the Atlantic to settle New England.

For a century and a half genealogists have been studying these families, and thousands of books and articles have been published as a result. Like me, you may listen partly to enjoy the Irish storytelling and Irish accents. But at 95, she discovered relatives she never knew. They can help you get access to public records to which a records custodian is denying you access. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. There are many more, of course. McIntosh, Staten Island Advance, The long-ago abandoned search for a sibling, separated early in childhood, is successful once the Internet makes searches easier.

Joshua Taylor and Susan R. And Henry Louis Gates Jr. Gisele Grayson, Shots, Health Inc. But the ways the companies analyze the genes leave lots of room for interpretation.

So, he says, these tests "would be most accurate at the level of continental origins, and as you go to higher and higher resolution, they would become less and less accurate. The ancestry tests also have to take into account the fact that humans have been migrating for millennia, mixing DNA along the way. This guide will help. All five DNA services we tested involve compromises, and you should keep in mind that the TV ads for these companies suggest a level of certainty that is well beyond the science upon which current tests are based.

But DNA testing can also yield uncomfortable surprises including "extramarital affairs, out-of-wedlock births and decades-old secrets". Read the comments, also. Thanks, Linda Coffin, for the lede. Some are licensed only to institutions, but may be accessible through a public or university library or a Family History Center. Top ranking family history site in this review of top-ranking genealogy search sites.

But make digital copies of your own and keep at least one print copy of everything. No individual subscriptions, but you may be able to use in a library. See Military Records, History, and Archives below. Check out indexes to RootsWeb contents: Find birth and death dates in this database of info on U. Another place to search: Which, as Linda observes, is what makes genealogy research so interesting.

See "Irish and UK Genealogy" below for more links. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. The Ellis Island Foundation has passenger records for 22 million passengers and ship crews, , with name, date of arrival, age on arrival, ship manifests and other information.

The actual immigration records are at the National Archives. News release about Ancestry. Dept of Interior U. Robins on the history of New York City buildings--a blog, tours, articles, books and forthcoming books, etc.

See also Google Earth , for how things look now. National Archives, where you can go to find a huge amount of information but if you need to do it online, go to ancestry. See also Welcome to the census. Not sure how much you can get beyond information about your own family. Fryxell, Family Tree Magazine Emancipation freed nearly 4 million U. For the first time in U. Slave narratives, troop records for U. Scottish census and parish records, statutory registers, coats of arms, wills and testaments [Back to Top] Back to top of Genealogy and Timelines.

The Jewish Genealogy Blog Also possibly helpful: For adoptees searching for their birth families. Holson, NY Times, A Library of Congress project. Check out their super collection of videos , of interest to anyone tracking down family history or curious about genealogy as hobby or career.

Organized by county and state. This fee-based service for locating archival materials, based on nearly one million collection descriptions from thousands of libraries and archives, will soon be freely available via an experimental interface developed by OCLC.

On average, the MS program requires approximately two years for completion. The first year is usually devoted to core coursework and completion of the qualifying exam. View more about the program and the curriculum at: The doctoral degree program in Biostatistics will have an emphasis on the foundations of statistical reasoning and will require its graduates to complete rigorous training in applied probability and statistical analyses.

This program prepares students who have demonstrated excellence in mathematics and the sciences to become research biostatisticians in academia, industry, or government. To the extent possible, the curriculum of each student will be tailored to his or her background and interests.

The first two years of this time are usually devoted to coursework, the comprehensive doctoral examinations, and development of doctoral research. The program is research oriented and centers on a major research project. Students will be required to defend their dissertation through a public presentation and oral examination with their committee.

Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering. In the Department name, along with the graduate program names, changed to Biosystems Engineering BE. Like similar departments at most Land Grant universities, this department is jointly administered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Engineering. The BE Department offers students the opportunity to study in many fields, including the following: Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering Engineering Administration.

Distance - Yuma Main Campus - Tucson. The department was established in In the Department name, along with the graduate program names, changed to Biosystems Engineering.

Like similar departments at most Land Grant universities, this department is jointly administered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Engineering The Biosystems Engineering Department Master of Science Degree program offers students the opportunity for study and research in many fields, including the following: BE will be a world leader known for developing technologies and systems for the safe production of food, bioenergy, bioproducts, and biological information for sustainable use of arid and semi-arid environments.

The Biosystems Engineering Department Accelerated Master of Science Degree program offers students the opportunity for study and research in many fields, including the following: Like similar departments at most Land Grant universities, this department is jointly administered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Engineering The Biosystems Engineering Department Doctoral Degree program offers students the opportunity for study and research in many fields, including the following: Graduate School of Management.

Main Campus - Tucson Phoenix Campus. One cohort meets in Tucson and one cohort meets in Phoenix. Working well within teams will be required for successful completion of the program. Many students comment that the close-knit community that develops through the course of the program is one of its greatest strengths. You decide how many courses you take at a time. Most students complete the program in months.

It is made up of 14 core courses required that are 2 units each, for 28 units, and 17 units of electives. There are two sessions each semester. Applications are managed through Eller MBA. The MISonline BI Certificate helps you define, establish, and distinguish yourself professionally, as you gain the skills and techniques needed to design, build, and deploy solutions to deliver more data to more people across and organization. It provides a broad overview of managerial, strategic and technical issues associated with Business Intelligence and data warehouse design, implementation, and utilization.

It will give you the fundamentals of database mining, analysis, design, and implementation with an emphasis on practical aspects of business process analysis and information delivery. Anyone involved in analyzing data to make business decisions will benefit from this three course graduate level program.

The Program allows students to focus their training in several related disciplines which have in common research faculty studying various aspects of cancer biology.

A MS is not offered. College of Medicine, Phoenix. The Career and Technical Education Administrator certificate is designed to provide individuals with foundational knowledge in career and technical education theory, philosophy, and practice, preparing individuals to be knowledgeable and effective career and technical education administrators in local school districts.

The P-MAP program provides an individualized approach through personalized plans focusing on three main areas: Development of professional skills that are expected of a physician, including mentorship, clinical experience, opportunities to give professional presentations and clinical medicine professional etiquette.

Training and coaching in financial and stress management, goal setting, and access to confidential counseling services.

Learn more on the P-MAP website: The Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine offers students opportunities to pursue graduate studies in biomedical sciences with a general focus on the biological mechanisms of human disease. Cell Biology, Medical Biophysics and Immunobiology. Chemical and Environmental Engineering. The Chemical Engineering Program is designed to provide advanced work in a core of transport phenomena, thermodynamics and reaction engineering. There are especially strong interdisciplinary links to the Environmental Engineering Program, which has long-standing strengths in water and wastewater treatment science and technology as well as technology transfer, hazardous waste treatment, development of environmentally-friendly technologies for industry, and air quality research.

Students in this program have a good track record of receiving financial aid from both university and federal fellowships. Graduates of this program most commonly obtain jobs in industry, government organizations, consulting, and continue on to advanced education to enter academia.

This program is available only for undergraduate students in Chemical Engineering at the U of A. Graduates of this program most commonly obtain jobs in industry, government organizations, consulting, and continue on to academia. A limited number of students are accepted to purse Master of Science degrees in Chemistry. Typically, no financial support is provided for pursuit of these degrees. Please contact the Graduate Coordinator if you plan to apply for these programs. The MS degree is a research degree requiring a written thesis.

All students must pass a final oral examination. Chemistry students accepted into the graduate program are admitted primarily to pursue a Ph. A number of interdisciplinary research and training programs are also available under the Chemistry Ph. Primary research and coursework concentrations are available in: Research and coursework may also include an emphasis in chemical physics, materials science, optical sciences, polymer sciences, surface sciences, astrochemistry, biological chemistry and several other interdisciplinary fields.

The Doctor of Philosophy with a major in chemistry is primarily a research degree. All students must pass a series of written examinations, a comprehensive examination, and a final oral defense examination. A thesis or engineering report is required. At the option of the department, the degree may be awarded to candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy degree who have passed the comprehensive examination, provided they write a thesis or engineering report.

The AMP offers flexibility: You may elect to pursue an emphasis in Engineering Management in the coursework option or include Engineering Management courses in other options in coordination with your adviser. Our research expertise covers the spectrum of civil engineering disciplines, leading the field in dynamic traffic simulation, sediment transport, design and health monitoring of structures, FRP materials, and infrastructure resilience. Funding comes from national, state and local agencies, public foundations, and private companies.

We have been accredited as a testing laboratory for fiber-reinforced polymer materials, conducting a large-scale testing regime.

The successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to devise and execute a program of study and research, which makes a fundamentally new contribution to the chosen field. The most important aspect of the doctoral program is the dissertation, which is the evidence of this fundamental contribution. A minor field may be selected from architecture, chemistry, environmental engineering, geology, mathematics, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, mining engineering, nuclear engineering, physics, or systems engineering, or from within the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

Still other fields are available as minors with the approval of the head of the department. Religious Studies and Classics. The mission of the ACTR is to educate interprofessional scholars in collaborative methods and techniques for clinical and translational research, and to provide them with the tools necessary to become independent clinical researchers who will contribute to the advancement of biomedical science and the improvement of healthcare.

Clinical and translational research is fundamental for prevention, treatment, diagnosis and relief of symptoms of disease in human populations. Worldwide, there is an increasing need for highly qualified clinical researchers. This program changed my career for the better in all domains.

First, it gave me the fundamental skill sets to become an independent investigator and start meaningful research efforts.

Second, it provided the knowledge needed to become an effective learner and teacher of medicine based on current medical literature. This graduate certificate program can be successfully completed through taking courses in person or online or in a hybrid fashion of online and in person course work. The complete online training program and the hybrid training program have been specially designed to increase the accessibility of ACTR to busy health professionals and distant learners.

ACTR scholars may complete this program in one year in-person or two years online. Family and Community Medicine. Clinical Translational Sciences MS. The Clinical Translational Sciences CTS graduate program is designed to provide a strong foundation in clinical translational sciences for post-baccalaureate or post-graduate students with either a clinical or basic science background. To achieve this aim, the student requires: Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, etc.

The program is intended to provide the foundation for a research career in the Clinical Translational Sciences. The mission of the Ph. D program is to train the student to be a skilled researcher who can successfully address both clinical and basic science aspects of translational research. Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary study of human mental processes.

Pursuit of typical problems reasoning, language comprehension, visual recognition involves the integration of disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and computer science.

The Program includes a state funded research unit and awards a Ph. Students usually enroll in the Ph. The Program has special strength in knowledge structure, natural language processing, and cognitive neuroscience. More than 50 faculty from 13 departments, and the following University-wide units participate in the Program: More information about the Cognitive Science Program can be found at http: School of Government and Public Policy.

The certificate program prepares students to effectively participate in and manage collaboration across institutional and sectoral boundaries in an increasingly networked world. The intended learning outcomes of the CCT are to: Identify and interpret the characteristics of effective learner-centered college teaching. Make instructional decisions grounded in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Demonstrate excellence in learner-centered college teaching. Demonstrate capacity to contribute to a professional learning community. Construct a teaching portfolio that documents excellence in learner-centered college teaching and critical self-reflection. The Certificate in College Teaching Program is a credit curriculum. Most students complete the program in 2 to 3 semesters.

Flexibility allows students to tailor programs to meet specific career objectives. The thesis option serves as a foundation for students planning to pursue a PhD. The Communication PhD doctoral program is grounded in theory and research concerning human communication and provides excellent preparation for careers in academia. PhD programs of study combine major and minor coursework to fit individual intellectual needs and areas of research specialization.

The non-thesis option is designed for students to develop more sophisticated programming, theoretical, and applied skills for working in industry. Only the most qualified and well-prepared students are considered for a thesis-based program, and that determination is made after a few semesters in the program. Students who successfully complete an MS degree may command a higher salary and positions with more authority and autonomy in industry.

Students complete the MS during the fifth year. There is an emphasis on producing original work to present at conferences or published in peer-reviewed journals. Students who successfully complete the Ph. School of Geography and Development.

The CESD Certificate Program is designed to train students to effectively work at the interface between environmental science and decision making. The overall goal of the program is to help students develop into professionals who are comfortable working with both scientific and decision-making communities in a variety of capacities. Through an approach that includes course work and an internship, CESD students: Develop a foundation in the theoretical basis of the interface between science and decision making.

Critically examine, evaluate, and practice methods of engagement between scientists and decision makers, including the evaluation of decision-making contexts, the role of science in informing policy, and effective approaches for communicating science to a broad range of audiences.

Because the problems and challenges that lie at the interface between science and decision making cross disciplinary boundaries, the program is designed for both physical and social science students. CESD targets students interested in serving as trusted bridges between environmental research and resource management, who have backgrounds and interests that range from geography, ecology, and geosciences to political science and planning, and more.

For additional application information, see Applying to the Program. As Counselors you will engage in relationships that empower diverse population groups including children, adolescents, adults, and individuals with disabilities. Depending on their area of emphasis they may work in school or rehabilitation settings, as well as a wide variety of other settings, including but not limited to: For more information about the program, please refer to: Counseling and Mental Health MA.

Depending on their area of emphasis they may work in school or rehabilitation settings, as well as a wide variety of other settings. Counselor Education and Supervision Minor.

It accomplishes this through these objectives: The CES Doctoral Program requires a minimum of 76 credits, including 64 credits of CES major coursework and 12 credits in the minor specialization area. See our press release for the shift to the three-year MFA here. Poetry, fiction and nonfiction, with active encouragement to work across genres. The program requires three years in residence, the completion of 42 academic units, including four workshops in one genre and four craft courses.

The program is fully funded, with assistantships in teaching composition offered to all incoming MFA students. You have the opportunity to apply to teach creative writing in your second year. Assistantships include salary, health insurance and a complete tuition waiver.

A writer engages in the world. With this in mind, we invite students to develop a course of study parallel to the page, whether it is in the University, the city of Tucson, the Sonoran desert, or beyond. The literary community here is strong. Please look into the offerings at the Poetry Center, our partner in many adventures.

For more information, please investigate our Student Guide, as well as Alumni News. And perhaps the best advertisement for the program is the work of our recent graduates. The MFA Look Book, published by the program every two years, is sent to editors, agents, influential literary people, and friends of the program each year. But you can check it out for free here. For an overview of Tucson literary happenings, see: College of Engineering College of Management.

The 33 credit program is designed for working IT, engineering, and other professionals who have three years of technical work experience and want to boost their skills for a cybersecurity career path.

Students engage in theoretical and hands-on approaches to learn the critical components of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity courses cover topics such as business intelligence data mining, information security, risk management, systems security management, penetration testing, network security, system cybersecurity engineering and cyber warfare. For more details visit https: The Master of Fine Arts in Dance provides an opportunity to increase knowledge, broaden understanding, and develop research and artistic capability.

Building on a well-balanced undergraduate education, graduate students are expected to develop a thorough understanding of the specific discipline of dance, supported by a personal commitment to high scholarly and artistic standards. A fundamental purpose of the School of Dance is to encourage each graduate student to demonstrate outstanding standards of scholarship and to produce high-quality original research and creative work.

The diverse graduate population provides a sense of community in which students can learn from various perspectives. In addition, the close alliance between the graduate and undergraduate students provides an opportunity for graduate students to choreograph on and perform with some of the top undergraduate dance students in the country. The triple-track program allows the graduate student to explore and gain experience, skills, and knowledge in ballet, modern, and jazz dance.

Indeed, no other college or university in the country offers a degree or graduate certificate in dendrochronology. The certificate is available to graduate students and non-degree seeking professionals interested in dendrochronology. The certificate program serves primarily to provide a baseline and structure that will guide students to the set of courses that the LTRR faculty deem essential for well-rounded training in dendrochronology.

The LTRR expects this training will aid students and professionals in their careers by demonstrating their competence in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of dendrochronological data. School of Anthropology School of Geography and Development. The UA MDP provides a comprehensive foundation and practical experience to produce professional and well-trained graduates who understand the complexities of poverty.

Consistent with the philosophy of the MDP network, the Arizona curriculum consists of four cornerstone competency areas: Public health Management Social sciences Natural sciences It adds integrating skill courses and three possible elective certificate tracks that offer students an area of specialization.

It provides a broad foundation of international development and, at the same time,allows students to specialize in various sectors such as: Collaborative Governance Natural Resource Management Public Health Collaborative Governance Immigration Development Entrepreneurship This approach of foundational knowledge and applied practice ensures that graduates are ready to make meaningful contributions in the field of development practice.

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Information Management provides students with the theoretical knowledge, conceptual frameworks and practical skills required to create, maintain and curate collections of digital information in libraries, archives and records management departments.

Evaluation in coursework, reflected in grades, assesses the achievement of these outcomes. The capstone course includes an electronic poster integrating academic knowledge with the practical experience of the internship. East Asian Studies MA.

They require the writing of a thesis, except for students majoring in linguistics, who may elect to take an examination instead. Candidates may focus on either China or Japan.

Candidates for admission to the doctoral program must have the support of one faculty member within whose general area the student proposes to work. Information on requirements and procedures for admission is available from the Graduate College and the department. The department may admit a student with a B.

In such cases, the student is responsible for fulfilling all normal requirements for the appropriate M. The graduate program provides research training in ecology and evolutionary biology with areas of strength in biological diversity, evolutionary history and mechanisms, community structure, ecological interactions, behavior, development and mathematical biology.

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics MS. This program emphasizes technical aspects but also includes essential business and management components.

The program can be completed in two semesters if the student is efficient and can focus entirely on completing the degree, but flexibility is available to purse the degree over a somewhat longer period of time while working locally part time. For those students interested in pursuing a career in discovering new ore deposits, generally working in teams dominated by geoscientists. For those geologists who will be testing the feasibility of deposits, bringing newly discovered deposits into production, and expanding existing operations, typically as a member of a multi-disciplinary project team.

Exploration geology, Development geology, Mining geology, Environmental geology, mining operations, ore deposits, economic geology, mineral resources. The Economics doctoral program at Arizona prepares students for positions in universities, in the private sector, and in government and non-profit organizations.

Students work closely with faculty, and most students receive financial support for their entire residency in the department. The Department also maintains a strong focus on microeconomics, particularly industrial organization and labor economics.

Some of our students choose a concentration in financial economics, and we offer a Ph. Educational Policy Studies and Practice.

Graduates are able to adapt to a changing world, predict consequences of actions, and sustain continuous education improvements over time. Individuals develop skills and qualities that enhance their ability to empower, inspire, and guide the performance of others in achieving the goals of a school, a school district, or a community.

This doctoral program is designed for practicing and aspiring administrators who wish to expand their skills as scholar practitioners. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of theory and knowledge to school and district leadership at the elementary and secondary levels.

Instruction recognizes and incorporates the principles of adult learning with courses, seminars and other educational experiences featuring reflection, group, discussion, simulations, problem solving and school-related theory. The programs, which are interdisciplinary, allow students the flexibility of selecting supportive leadership coursework both in the College of Education and other colleges in the University of Arizona.

The program features cohort groups who take a basic core of 24 units together. Each fall, students are admitted to a cohort. Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program informational flyer. Educational Specialist degrees may be awarded to students who are admitted by the Graduate College upon the recommendation of the College of Education, and who satisfactorily complete program requirements specified by the departments in the College of Education offering this degree.

Such transfer credit can be applied to an advanced degree only upon satisfactory completion of deficiencies as prescribed by the head of the major department in which the student seeks a degree.

Transfer of credit toward an advanced degree will not be made unless the grade earned was A or B, and unless it was awarded graduate credit at the institution where the work was completed. Credit for correspondence courses or extension work from other institutions will not be accepted for graduate credit. The degree provides a solid foundation for leaders considering doctoral work at the elementary and secondary levels.

Master of Education Course Descriptions. EDP program provides an overview of the field of educational psychology and a foundational understanding of the concepts, methods, and theories related to the profession of educational psychology. The doctoral program in educational psychology provides an environment where students are expected to acquire a balanced knowledge of both the scholarly and applied aspects of the field of educational psychology.

Although the unified degree is in Educational Psychology and most students take many of the same courses in pursuing this unified degree program, many specialize in one of our two aresa: This certificate program prepares students to conduct educational research.

Teachers and administrators often possess rich knowledge of curriculum and instruction but may not have sufficient methodological and statistical knowledge to perform or interpret educational research.

University of Arizona South. The program focuses on issues relating to learning, instructional design, visual design, multimedia development, evaluation, and research.

For nearly 30 years, the University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition has conducted archaeological research in Egypt. This certificate will serve to increase awareness of this unique opportunity for UA and non-UA graduate students and non-degree seeking professionals. Indeed, no other college or university in the country offers such a focused graduate program specifically in Egyptian archaeology.

The conduct of archaeological research varies widely from one country to another. For this reason, the University of Arizona is pleased to offer this post-graduate program in Egyptian archaeology. This program will aid participants in their careers by providing training and requiring demonstration of competence in the following core areas, among others: The typical participant in the certificate program will be either currently enrolled in graduate-level study in a related field e.

Professionals in related fields are also encouraged to apply. The program is not intended as an introduction and will not accept novices. Egyptology, Near Eastern archaeology, biblical archaeology, archeology, Egyptian archaeology.

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in electrical and computer engineering. The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science, Master of Engineering and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in electrical and computer engineering. The Energy Efficient Building Design program is a stand alone program.

Students will acquire knowledge and skills on cutting edge research in bulding energy efficient design that includes high performance, green, solar, and renewable energy, and net-zero design of residential and commercial buildings. Engineering ME - Aerospace Systems.

The Master of Engineering MEng in Aerospace Systems is our professional graduate program that consists of high-level, fast-paced coursework and significant engagement with industry-driven engineering projects.

It prepares our graduates for a professional career path, or further graduate studies at UA or elsewhere. Students interested in Master of Engineering in Aerospace Systems will have an opportunity to complete individualized tracks focusing on aeronautical or space systems.

In addition to courses in aerospace technology, the program provides essential training in engineering and business management, which is not a requirement of the Master of Science degree.

All programs of study will require completion of at least 30 graduate credits. Each program will require 3 credit hours of courses in each of the following subject areas: Engineering ME - Engineering Management. We are currently not offering the Master of Engineering program. The curriculum is personalized to meet your individual interests and career goals. This track includes a combination of coursework in engineering, management, and business.

The Master of Engineering with an option in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship has been approved and is now an available degree through the College of Engineering.

The program is geared toward students and industry professionals who are interested in the translation and transfer of technologically-promising research discoveries into sustainable technologies and processes. It offers a combination of business-oriented classes and engineering courses to help engineers bridge the gap between innovative ideas and sustainable economic development strategies. The program is comprised of an entirely flexible curriculum, allowing you to choose from a number of emphasis areas, including but not limited to: Grammarian PRO2 is ideal for multilingual applications.

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