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Getting Past the Job Hopper Label: How Can a Job Hopper Get a Job?

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❶Reformat Dates Of Employment Rather than listing the specific month and year you were employed with an employer, indicate only the year.

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#2: The Mid-Level Resume Templates
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No matter what stage you find yourself in, we at Resume Genius have created a library of resume templates tailored for any career or life situation. Specifically, college grads are estimated to stay less than two years at a job before seeking a new position, which makes this template well-suited for students with several short-term jobs. This resume pack is designed for job seekers who lack concrete work experience. Since entry-level candidates have little to no experience, their Education section should be expanded to include relevant coursework, honors, and extracurricular activities.

This is a solid strategy for any job seeker who lacks professional experience. This one is a no-brainer. If your professional history is lacking or you are still in school, this template is tailored for you.

This resume template is for anyone who has plenty of experience, but has a hard time organizing it in a concise and effective manner. The name says it all.

This template should be used by any job seeker who has a lengthy work history and has held a managerial role. Also, applicants with relevant certifications or licenses should make use of this template.

These templates include an Areas of Expertise section — essentially an upgraded skills section — which allows for the candidate to list the fields at which they excel. In the example below, the candidate — who has worked as an office clerk in the past — is seeking to work in the legal field and become a paralegal secretary. This allows the applicant to apply their experience from their old industry to the new industry they wish to work in.

Download the pack below and change your career path now. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. So if you have any problems in this area, take the time to make your resume paint a picture that is matched as best as possible targeted to the job you want. If there is enough of a match, a resume screener may think twice about your resume and give your cover letter a chance to help seal the deal. Using a skills summary at the top to emphasize your strengths ones that match what the job description is looking for can help make your case.

Also, if you have some jobs that are less than a year, use years on your resume and exclude the months. Hopefully there will even be overlap of years, such as a job that lasted from August to February If at all possible, come up with a heading that fits well with the new job. Even with jobs that may not seem an ideal match, you can use your cover letter bullet points help to point out ways that things you have done help make you uniquely qualified for this new job. Your goal is to take each one of the short-term jobs, and come up with things you learned from them that helped you better understand what you need in a job now, and why THIS new job has what you need.

And it all has to feel real. Interviewers have great BS detectors.

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And while that's totally acceptable, if your resume is dominated by short-term stints exclusively, and you have a pattern of leaving positions regularly, hiring managers may see you as a job hopper.

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About the author. Don Goodman’s firm was rated as the #1 Resume Writing Service in , , and Don is a triple-certified, nationally recognized Expert Resume Writer, Career Management Coach and Job Search Strategist who has helped thousands of people secure their next job.

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Job hopping is a big red flag for recruiters and employers and can possibly hurt your career. If you have a history of several short jobs, though, all is not lost. Here's some advice from resume. If you leave a job after less than 2 years tenure, and you do that frequently, you'll be left with a job-hopping resume. Employers read that as a lack of ability to see things through, or worse, that you have to keep leaving because you're not doing well.

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While job hopping is becoming more common, it is still important that you write a comprehensive, relevant resume that conveys loyalty. Call it "The Job Hopper's Dilemma." It's the fear, uncertainty and doubt that overcomes IT professionals who've held multiple jobs during a short span of time when they need to apply for a new job.