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GCSE Music Coursework Help?!?!?

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❶Study tools Essay expert Learn to write like a pro with our ultimate essay guide. But there are certain sideboards you have to deal with if you want the tune to sound Irish or traditional or whatever.

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gcse music coursework help
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What are the 5 countries with the largest populations? Convert degrees celcius to Farenheit? What are some reasons why people do not believe in life after death? Weird combination Started by: Business and management exams and study help Replies: Friends, family and work Replies: Advice on everyday issues Replies: AMA about hearing voices! Personal Statement Advice Replies: Tell us a little about yourself to get started. University open days University of Surrey.

Undergraduate Open Day Undergraduate. Is it too soon to be excited about Christmas. Find your perfect uni place go. Study tools Essay expert Learn to write like a pro with our ultimate essay guide. Thinking about uni already? See where you can apply with our uni match tool. I have got to perform The mission impossible theme and create a composition based on that and forrest gump theme and raiders march.

So i have to put in the qualities of those peices. What the hell does that mean??? And its got to have features of those peices but it cant sound like them Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Ok calm down o. This first thing to do now is to ask help from your teacher- not matter how mean or evil she may seem she is there because she wants to be- remember that. Now, on a keyboard put your finger on G and go up the scale to the next G. Your piece of music has to fit in with those notes.

I would recommend having G as your starting and your finishing note. Sorry to seem harsh but you should have done something before leaving it so late Good luck!

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Feb 11,  · aaahh I'm gonna die. I do music GCSE and I dont even know what forte means so im really bad tbh. I play trumpet and guitar but my music teacher wont let me play guitar because she hates it so im stuck with trumpet and theres no going back. I have 1 and a half weeks till the deadline for my coursework and ve got to write a composition, appraisil and brief on my chosen Resolved.

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Im doing Music GCSE and im having a problem of having to chose a piece for my ensemble. i'm trying to find a piano part and something that is easy to organise. my teacher said if a choose a piece she would get others to add extra bits to what i have so for example drums vocal etc. but i am having problem of choosing a piece.

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GCSE help & advice ; GCSE coursework help and sample essays ; GCSE coursework help and sample essays. The following are tips for GCSE coursework. The tips are not for any specific subject but a general idea for content to include in all of your coursework. Jan 04,  · Gcse Music Coursework URGENT HELP NEEDED!!? Hi Basically i am really far behind in my coursework for music, i am in yr 11 and havent yet done my composition (for Unit 1 or wateva its called you do it in Status: Resolved.