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On the University of the Arts website it clearly states that if you send in your portfolio by post, you should not include originals. Universities receive a vast quantity of submissions and they cannot always guarantee their safe return. The most recent work is seen as the most important — tutors want to see your current ideas, practices, methodologies and lines of interest.

After all, first impressions do count. BA fashion graduate from Kingston University, Holly Thompson, says you have to make a decision about what represents your best work: Keeping the arrangement crisp stops the work becoming clouded by unnecessary clutter. Narrative is an important element to consider when preparing a portfolio. How work is laid out and displayed changes how it is read, meaning the placement of pieces is vital to showing tutors your best ability in the shortest amount of time.

Not all the work included has to be done while at college and tutors will be looking for a range of interests. Matthew Shenton, a BA graduate in sound art at the London College of Communication, says that during his portfolio preparation he wanted to "showcase an interest in the subject that went beyond the usual".

As well as submitting essays to prove he could engage with texts at a degree level, he mainly focused on his personal interests. If you have a strong interest or hobby, from music and politics to stamp collections and fishing, make it stand out in either your personal statement or portfolio.

It tells the tutor you have initiative and a critical creative interest. Working closely with your current teachers is important. Not only do they know your strengths but they can also give you a fresh perspective. You may not be certain on your definite style but the whole purpose of art school is to experiment. If you want to go into a different field of animation then I would do some research into schools in your area that might offer animation programs.

You should figure out what you want to do in animation. There are a lot of good schools out there that teach animation. I would first find out what you want to do and then research what school is better at what. I hope this helps a little.

Here are some links to some resources that could get you started. This is a free personal learning addition of Maya. Create 3D Animations Easily - http: Related Questions What do you think of my A-level art coursework piece? A straightforward assessment grid and accompanying exemplars. More flexibility and choice for your course design. A qualification that develops transferable creative skills.

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Remember me on this computer. Summary of the changes. The structure of the qualification, and the component weightings, will remain unchanged: All students will have to submit evidence of using drawing to support the development process in both Component 1 and Component 2.

Note that students will have to use drawing skills for different needs and purposes appropriate to the context, and that technical mastery of drawing skills is not required unless relevant to the chosen area of study. All students will have to use written annotation and appropriate specialist terminology to record their ideas, observations, insights and independent judgements.

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A Level Art Coursework help, ideas, advice and guidance from an experienced Art teacher and Coursework assessor.

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structure of an essay A Level Art Coursework Help chambers dissertation on oriental gardening proper heading for college admission essay/10(). AS Art Coursework assessment The AS Coursework project is worth 40% of your final AS grade and 20% of your final A Level Art grade. It is internally assessed, which means it is marked by the Coursework Accredited Art teacher/s at your school and then externally moderated by CIE examiners.

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For art, if a student notices that colour has been used to create strong contrast in certain areas of an artwork, they might follow help with a detailed level thoughtful assumption about why this is the case: These personal insights could be backed up by earlier research, confirmed or suggested coursework the artist, or might be educated. Pro capital punishment argumentative essay (a level art coursework help) Pro capital punishment argumentative essay (a level art coursework help) Pro capital punishment argumentative essay (a level art coursework help) setembro 11, Now playing on my quest to motivate myself through writing this essay: duel of the fates.