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To protect the data from unauthorized user access or loss is there is need of network security. In network security only the network administrative can access the data. Network security consist of various polices that are followed by network administrator to check whether the network is secure or not. The main reason to provide network security is to protect the information form loss and make it sure that is being deliver to the right destination.

Network security is involved in organization, enterprises and other types of institutions. Network security has a wide research area it is prime issues. There are many methods of network security. The most common and simple is assigningan unique name and a corresponding password which is called as one factor authentication. ATM or mobile phones are termed as Two factor authentication. A finger print or retinal scan comes under three-factor authentication. Biomedical is field that connects engineering and the medicines.

It is basically used for the advancement in the health care treatment, as it combines the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences. This concept is manly used in the security system and for the biomedical treatment. As the modern security systems the biometric systems are present that can certify the authentication of a person. Authentication is a process in which the credentials provided are compared to the files present in data base and is checked and if the credentials match then the process is completed the user is granted the access.

In medical science biomedical plays a vital role, with the help of this the detection of the diseases at the initial stages have become possible, so that the measures can be taken at soon as possible. As various researches can be made in designing of the biometric systems and the biomedical system. EESPL provide a wide ranges of the project based on biomedical applications. The rate of transfer of the electric energy is known as the Electric power and it is measured in megawatts.

A network in which the components that are used, supply, transmit and use electric power is known as electrical power system. The power that is supplied to the homes and industry is a network that can be considered as the example of the electrical power system.

The electrical power is generating at different generating stations, while the stations are made many factors are taken in considerations. Designing of the electrical power system the system must consider the factors like power consumption and energy of the system, Load center is the place where maximum power is consumed. Hence generating stations are not normally situated very nearer to load center.

To make the systems efficient the energy and the power consumed should be less. So to increase the efficiency of the electrical power system, can also considered as the research area for the researchers, we at EESPL can provide you assistance in many Electrical power system based projects.

In software engineering, soft computing is the utilization of estimated answers for computationally hard tasks, for example, the arrangement of NP-complete issues. Techniques and tools of soft computing are integrated in everyday and advance applications. Vague arrangements are utilized to figure hard errands, for example, NP complete issues.

Soft computing is another, rising control established in a gathering of advancements that expect to endeavor the resilience for imprecision and vulnerability in accomplishing solutions for complex issues. Human mind is the good example of delicate processing. Today soft computing is one of the areas which is of keen interest for researchers and it has been practically applied in the areas of bioinformatics and bio-medicine.

Soft computing techniques have also found its applications in economical world and its techniques are progressively gaining presence in the financial world. Soft computing can be used in financial market. The principal components of soft computing are fuzzy logic, neuro computing, genetic algorithms and probabilistic reasoning and various research works can be done in soft computing based on its principal components.

Wireless network is becoming popular, as mobility is one the feature of these networks. It does not have any physical infrastructure for communication, inspite of any geographical location, therefore it is also called as infrastructure less network.

Due to presence of larger number of device in the MANETS network one device should be able to detect the presence of other device in the network, for making communication possible and for sharing of data and services.

Thesis Editing Services in India In order to ensure that the thesis is free from any type of flaws or errors, proper editing is required. What is Image Segmentation? Best Introduction to Distributed System Design: Want to know introduction to distributed system design? There are many fields of m. We can also call it as an intellectual proposition. Students doing masters might and working on thesis might have come across thesis related terms like thesis statement, thesis proposal, problem formulation and various other such terms.

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