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Discuss the Role of Religion in Jane Eyre - Assignment Example

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❶Your introduction should situate the reader and let him or her know what to expect. Jane spends a lot of time as a wallflower trying to fade into the woodwork — sometimes literally, such as at the moment where she hides in the shadows at the end of the hall while Blanche Ingram and a group of dolled-up ladies sweep past.

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Rochester to become his mistress, the integrity and compassion for her family which she shows in her decision to split her inheritance with the Rivers her cousins , and the unconditional love she feels for Mr. Rochester which leads her back to him in the end all exemplify this idea. On the day Jane is to become Mr. Yet, as they approach the altar she once again is thrusted toward the deepest point of despair when the fact that Mr.

Rochester already possessed a bride is ultimately exposed. Overwhelmed with emotions Jane is torn between her passion for Mr. Rochester and her own moral conscience. She comes to the conclusion that she must leave Thornfield at once. Rochester with her plans to leave Thornfield and his passion quickly transforms into aggression.

Rochester would lose respect for her and not desiring to be forced to live a sinful, degraded life as his mistress, slips away from Thornfield that very night. Although the thought of leaving her beloved Mr. Rochester wrenches at her heart her faith envelops her and pushes her onward. Leaving Thornfield with only a parcel which she accidentally forgets in the coach she is constrained to begging.

Jane, almost at the point of facing death, knocks on the Rivers door begging for a little food and some shelter for the night. Refused by the housekeeper Jane stands out in the rain when all of a sudden St. John returns to the house and overrules the housekeepers decision.

Jane is giving a room for the night and promptly falls asleep. In a few days she recovers her full health and is approached with a job by St.

Sometime later she learns that the Rivers are in fact her cousins and is thrilled to learn that she indeed has a family when she had been told all her life she lacked one. Along with the news of Jane being related to the Rivers she is also informed that her uncle, John Eyre of Madeira, has passed away and left her a wealthy inheritance. John continues to inform her that John Eyre had left an inheritance of twenty thousand pounds to her.

John misunderstands her excitement of her uncles death and Jane explains to him how fortunate she is to receive a family and be able to repay kindness with kindness. John proposes the idea that Jane shall marry him and travel with him as his wife and helper. She implies the thought that if she were to die over in India that St.

John would not care since he did not hold true feelings of love for her. Disgusted with the thought St. Jane not only successfully finishes school but even stays for two more years to teach there. She represents the part of Jane that was constantly hungry physically but striving for more intellectually.

As Helen accepts everything in her strange religious acceptance she tries to deny everything physical, including her body and the pain caused by school abuse. This is how one part of Jane dies and another period of her life beings. Jane Eyre Essay Topics. Jane Eyre Essay Questions. Who became the one who taught her how to cope with these humiliations and go through with her head up?

Discuss the lesson Jane Eyre learned from Helen Burns? What is the difference between the philosophies of the girls? Why does she choose him and does not marry her cousin? Discuss the personality of Edward Rochester? Why does he need Jane Eyre in his life? What sacrifices do Edward and Jane make to be together? Are these sacrifices worth it? What role do principles play in the life of Jane Eyre?

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