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Why Northwestern College Essay Example 1 – Northwestern Supplement

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After many days of experimentation and stress testing, I succeeded in stabilizing my processor to function at 2. But it did not end there; to this very day, I still enjoy the challenge of diagnosing and fixing computer problems for my family and friends.

As thrilling as finding the solution to a computer conundrum is, there is something lacking in what I do. It is as if I am solving practice problems instead of innovating. That is why I find the McCormick School of Engineering so appealing; its emphasis on creativity coincides with my future goals. Ultimately, I want to do more than fix or install; I want to design the latest cutting-edge technology. At McCormick, I will be able to participate in projects my first year, which will provide valuable hands-on experience.

In addition, the internship opportunities allow me to connect with prospective employers, such as AMD and Intel. In addition, I can pursue my other interests at Northwestern and give back to the community.

By the time I am a senior, I want to be able to give a helping hand to a freshman who shares the same ideals and goals as I do. In addition, Northwestern gives me a chance to be independent and pursue my own projects; I am thrilled that I will be able to design and test my own microprocessor in the Microprocessor System Projects course.

Given chances to innovate both on my own and interact with peers, I feel I will be right at home at Northwestern. However, I want to go to Northwestern for more than just what the classroom has to offer; I want to explore. I want to immerse myself with peers who share my passions.

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Article by Cindy Tokumitsu / MBA Admissions / EMBA Application, EMBA, Northwestern Here is a college essay example of how a student answered the Why Northwestern college essay prompt for the supplement component of the to write an essay on satire Graduate Admission Essay Help Harvard essay on my best teacher for class 9. Below is a list of requirements for admission into the Creative Writing programs. ( pages) critical essay on a major work of fiction, creative fiction or poetry; Current résumé or curriculum vitae Transcript mailing address: MA/MFA Graduate Admissions Northwestern University School of Professional Studies Wieboldt Hall, Sixth.